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Stories and memories from the years gone by

1997 – MONKEY BOY!

In 1996 I worked as a finance manager for a car dealership in Colfax along I-80, halfway between Sacramento and Reno Nevada. Michelle and I had moved to the little mountain town to get away from the gangs. We still … Continue reading

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Burning Dragon

~ 2006 ~ Message from the artist: First and foremost, I’d like to thank EVERYONE who participated in this project. In the end we created 1247′ of amazing art that over 450 people were a part of (four and half … Continue reading

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The First Tribe Members

In 98′, we returned to Burning Man with my first real “art”. Back at home I had discovered a McDonalds Drive Thru “Golden Arch” lying next to the drive-thru at our local McDonalds. A little banged up from some drunk … Continue reading

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The Chinese “Burning Dragon” – Lead Artist: Jim Bowers

The year of the Dragon! It was one of the most interactive and participatory projects Jim Bowers has ever created! – We invited burners from all over the world to sign-up and follow a set of loose guidelines to build … Continue reading

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“Shadow Dancing”” – Lead Artists: The Tribe

The Shadow Dance Drive-in. A giant outdoor screen that people could perform behind. There shadow (and antics) entertained passersby…. We also had JohnDyer’s Tesla Coil and KRAP Radio “The brown spot on your BM dial”(In 2000,01,02 we had a complete … Continue reading

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Rev’s 2005 Story

Our first year in Center Camp – in the 3 o’clock region. We had a interactive painting that required you to take a few spins on the Psychedelic Infusion Generator before you attempt to paint. We also had the Mind#$%@ … Continue reading

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Rev’s 2004 story

One of my favorite locations – we were on the outer rim road around center camp – with a huge expanse of esplanade frontage.  The camp behind us didn’t show so we just expanded our real estate.  We also adopted … Continue reading

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Moon’s 2003 Story

This was my beloved Russ’ first Burning Man and, in his usual “Damn the Torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead” way of doing things, he preceeded me to the burn. When I arrived, seeing him “playa-fied” – kilt on, Tribe T-shirt, … Continue reading

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Rev’s 2003 Story

The year of the Eyes Of Gawd (Our first epic project)  the ZiggerNot (our first art car) – an exoskeleton built on over Mike’s van was a mobile Inca pyramid that would also serve as transportation for the Eyes project. … Continue reading

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Charly’s 2003 Story

We were behind the commissary with the big-ass shade structure that blew down and I didn’t even get a photo of it but oh well, we had a good shower structure… – Charly

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