Bare’s Story

Moon and Kat and Myself made SOOOOOO Much popcorn i swore I wouldn’t eat that stuff again… Bijou year was incredible…. a different movie every nite…. Porn nite was the most popular but no one liked the Artsy-Fartsy movie we brought (Zazel) so some of of more “enthusiastic” Campmates GOT BUSY and put on their own show… BRAVO BRAVO….. even with the weather near freezing they heated that tent right up….

I’ll never forget the Sheriffs coming by and tellin us… “Ya know PORN is Illegal in this county” we told em.. “Yep, and so is public nudity” they went away… left us alone and didnt say another word about it….. we had SOOOOOO Many people in that tent that night it was SRO…… There were people lined up outside trying to look thru the tent panels cuz it was so packed… Ya know…. it was SRO every night…. but especially so porn night…. guess we know what the people want…

– Bare

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