Rev’s 1999 Story

My third year at BM but my first year with the the Tribe. Jim – thank you for starting it… BM would not be half the experience it has been without you guys! We had the Bijou theater which totally rocked but was a lot of work. We had initially been “Promcamp” but the Bijou was so popular that we kinda forgot about the whole Prom concept until people started showing up on Saturday all dressed up to go to the prom. So we fired up the popcorn maker and had our impromptu prom! I accidentally consumed some of Moon’s Absinthe laced wine and boy was that a long, strange trip.

And a word of advice – when Randy shows up with a gallon of Rum on burn night -run like hell. Oi vey! We sat around a pile of embers, swigged rum outta the bottle and then staggered back for a Bijou screening of the Blair Witch project – and we all ended up passed out in a Dogpile. Betty dragged my comatose ass into hers and Moon’s tent and saved me from hypothermia. That was definitely a night to remember – thanks Randy!

It was also the year that I met Jeannie – a person who has had a profound impact on my life. It was the start of a long friendship and the first of many trips that we made out to BM… all 14+ hours each way!

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