Burning Dragon

Burning Dragon

~ 2006 ~

Message from the artist: First and foremost, I’d like to thank EVERYONE who participated in this project. In the end we created 1247′ of amazing art that over 450 people were a part of (four and half football fields long)! If your art was a part of that, I hope you are as proud as I am. Not knowing each other at all, we each went to great efforts to create our own individual ART that when joined together became one massive very cohesive (and delicate) work of Burning Man Art that well over 35,000 people will remember for the rest of their lives. It was seen from space and documented in the Wall Street Journal. I will remember you all forever and fondly, and I hope we can all do it again someday!

Burning Dragon ~ 2006

– Jim Bowers
September 20, 2006

The Plan:

The current world record for the longest Chinese Festival Dragon is 2.75 miles, set at the Great Wall Of China in 2007.

While the flaming and colorful head and tail sections of our Dragon was created by artist Jim Bowers and The Tribe in Colfax California. Volunteer participants brought one or more of the ten foot long body sections. Some brought it to Burning Man while others dropped them off for us to haul up there.

Each section was created using three hula hoops, ten feet of cheap fabric and three pvc plastic sprinkler pipes! They then decorated them as little or as much as they liked!  While we would like to have seen 530 people build two sections each the final count was just over 450. When the Birning Dragon was leaving center camp, the head of the dragon had reached the Man! The Dragon was clearly visible from space when seen in a photo taken by The Ikonos Satellite during a flyby photo op.

Where: Burning Man Festival – Gerlach Nevada

When:  August 28 thru Sept 3rd 2006

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