Honey… I’m home!

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We got our placement.  We have a 100′ x 200′ space.  The nearest intersection is 4:00 and Desiderata – and we are likely not at the intersection, but close to it.  We have a 100′ frontage on Desiderata



Zoomed in:


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  • Enter BRC off Highway 447
  • Pass thru Gate (The not so polite people who check tickets and search your vehicle)
  • Pass thru Greeters (The fun people who welcome you to BRC and give Newbies a special welcome!)
  • You are entering on the 6:00 road.  When the road forks, go Right and proceed on the outer rim, watching for street signs.
  • Turn Left into the 4:00 road and follow it down (driving SUPER slowly so as not to raise dust.  Watch for inebriated burners everywhere!)
  • Pull over near 4:00 and Desiderata and park so that you are not blocking the road.  Then walk both left and right on Desiderata until you find the Tribe.  Look for Doc’s multi-colored Wind Sock, and B-Rad’s TeePee.

Windsock    TeePee

See you at Home! 🙂

Printable directions