The TribeThe Tribe has grown over the years into a wonderfully eclectic collection of insane people. We expand each year as more people of questionable sanity are drawn in like moths to the flame. Below are the members of the Tribe –


AndrewAndrew (a.k.a. Glitterdick) Dues Paid
Camp Drillmaster
Portland, OR

Brad B-Rad Dues Paid
Flyboy and nrg freak
Phoenix, AZBear
Bear & Kristen
Tribe Bouncer
Mendacino, CA

Charles S Not Camping with Tribe Dues Paid
Laughing animator, painter and playa newbie.
Los Angeles, CA

Derek2_tnDerek (aka Raw Dog) Dues Paid
Be easy, life is hard enough.
Portland, OR

Doc Doc Dues Paid
Fear-Free Flying and Living
Phoenix, AZ

EricEric (a.k.a. “E”)
Photo Garden Troll, and avid Photographer (BM03)
Visit Eric’s Gallery and his 2005 Album
Washington, DC

Erica Dues Paid
I’m dark as the day and light as the night, I got a camera in my hand and a maze in my head
New York, NY

EricaG and Eli Dues Paid Dues Paid
Montreal, ON, and San Fransisco, CA

Frankie Dues Paid
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
Concord, CA

galit2_tnGalit Dues Paid
Bordello Burlesque
“See you where we’ve never been before.”
Montreal, Canada

Jacob_tnJacob Dues Paid
Oakland, CA

Jacques_tn Wendy_tnJacques & Wendy  Dues Paid Dues Paid
Wendy and Jacques sitting in the playa K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
Phoenix, AZ

MichelleB_tnJim and Michelle Bowers  Dues Paid

TriBe Founder, and his beloved wife and “heir to the throne”
Colfax, CA

JasonS_tnJason S Dues Paid
The music man
Somewhere in the US

John WileyJohn “One Pump” W. Dues Paid
Portland, OR

Keely_tnKeely Dues Paid
Phoenix, AZ

Keir_tnKeir Dues Paid
Phoenix, AZ

KevinG_tnThe Other Kevin Dues Paid
Mostly Harmless
Paris, ON

Lisa Evil & Adam Dues Paid
(a.k.a. Decadence Glitterpants)
Bordello Madam
Vancouver, BC

Justine and MadisonMadison Dues Paid
Phoenix, AZ

Jaffe_tnMcKay J Dues Paid
Phoenix, AZ

Zachary Mohawk Dues Paid
“I came”
Phoenix, AZ

MattMatt S Not Camping with Tribe Dues Paid
Call me Monty
Portland, OR

Nadine_tnNadine Dues Paid
New York, NY


Rad-DanRad Dan Dues Paid
Radioactive Man
Lake Elsinore, CA

Ben_tn Rebz_tnRebecca and Ben Dues PaidDues Paid
San Fransisco, CA

ReverendRuvi  Dues Paid
Camp Reverend and Web lackey
Check out my Packing List, Tent, Bike, and Cooler advice. I also am a part of the AZBurner community and working closely with Camp Walter on their art cars.
Chandler, AZ

RogueRogue  Dues Paid
Momma and Bikerchick
Vancouver, BC

SpankySpanky Dues Paid
The Spaceman
Sacremento, CA

Tanayaa_tnSmudge (aka Tanayaa du Soleil, moo-cat, and banana dance)
Professional rubber of rears and healing arts extraordinaire, master at random acts of ridiculousness (or ridiculous acts of randomness)
Las Vegas, NV (but still floating)

Tori_tnSean_tnTori (Tortor) & Sean Dues PaidDues Paid
I can’t wait to meet all you beautiful souls!
See you at Black Rock City!
Lake Elsinore, CA

WayneD_tn Wayne DoMoe Dues Paid
Mr Fixit
Sacramento, CA

Dues Paid Dues paid ••  Not Camping with Tribe Not camping at Tribe location

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