Non-active Members

Folks who won’t be making it out this year with us 🙁

Below are the members of the Tribe – who will not be making it out this year or will be camping elsewhere


Alexa and KennyAlexa and Kenny
Veteran burners who are new to the Tribe
Somewhere in New Mexico

Aimee Aimee
Los Angeles, CA

Bisbee, AZ

Hawt Mama
Portland, OR

Angie and KrzysztofAngie & Krzysztof
Sawatdee Ka, Beyaaatches!
Flagstaff, AZ

AdamAdam (a.k.a. Big Boy G
Tutu wearing chef extrodinaire
Los Angles, CA

MooseAmelia (a.k.a. Moose)
Ms. Harris – the educator
Noo York City, NY

Antonio C
Sand Loving BM Virgin
Gothenburg, Sweden

Andy S
Someday, you’ll see me in a headline…lets hope its a good one 😉
Seattle, WA

Arlo and Chiclit
Arlo is good at breakin shit and better at fixin it.   Colfax Ca.
Chiclit is curious, witty and charming.  Vallejo Ca.

Adrian Double-D
Designated Driver for the Art Support “Gruop”

Up for any adventure life throws at me! Chasing sun, happiness, and the American dream
Originally from Seattle, WA.

Dangerously Curvaceous with breasts beyond belief (FF))!!!
Colfax, CA

Natural Born Burner
Phoenix, AZ

Brad Niles Ubolt, and Nigel
(a.k.a. Mad Cow, Vaginator, author of The Journey Home and Bone Story )
Genital caster, Golden shower creator, official labia licker & Niles is the fruit of Brad’s loins
Portland, OR

Brinkley and Bitchez Brinkley & Bitchez
Vancouver, BC

Björn W.N.
Just another figment of your imagination
Århus, Denmark

It’s ok mom, I’m Wonder woman!
Manteca, CA

Carrie and Kim DavidCarrie, Kim, and Andy
Portland, OR, and Germany

(a.k.a. Cameron Mcfly, Fonda Bears, Dr. (Mrs) Doubtfire, Doris Krummholz) dancing queen, blushing bride, food wench, camp pickerupper
Ann Arbor, MI

Fruit of Jim’s Looms
Colfax, CA

Just your average constantly-rambling clueless frood on a rather
hopeless, yet very entertaining, quest to prove that murphy was wrong
after all.
Zurich, Switzerland

Chris F
Shiny graphics, yeah, I can do that.
New Orleans, LA

a.ka. Carmen Sandiego
Burlington, VT

DaleDale L & Marcy S
Dale’s is avid seaman at the Lake Lahontan yacht club and Marcy is his sweetie and an executive coach in the default world
San Francisco, CA

DavidDavid H
Palo Alto, CA

aka Spirit Fire Mama
Modesto, CA

Dwayne B
Burning Man virgin, wild at heart and looking for the adventure of a lifetime
New Orleans, LA

Newbie to the Tribe
San Francisco, CA

Canadian variant of a Tasmanian Devil
Vancouver, BC

San Francisco, CA


A native Arizonan who was living in LA LA land but recently relocated to San Diego
San Diego, CA

Master Swordswoman & Tribal Executioner
Pleasanton, CA

I’m dark as the day and light as the night, I got a camera in my hand and a maze in my head
New York, NY

Eric EEric E
LisaEvil’s cabana boy
Somewhere in, CA

Steve SteveErin and Chris
Dazzling DJs
Vancouver, BC

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
Concord, CA

Artist, Photographer, Biker,
Vancouver, BC

ShadyGary (a.k.a. Shady, FourBeersAhead, and Fabulous)
Maker of the finest shade structures
Los Angeles, CA

GaryM GaryM
Living life one day at a time
Portland, OR

Phoenix, AZ

Franchesca and George II
Nomad Artist and friend
Somewherein, NV

Aunt FloAunt Flo
Mistress of the flame and our esteemed clueless leader’s real auntie
Beaverton, OR

GillianJaret Gillian and Jaret
Los Angeles, CA

Truth, Justice and the Psychedelic Way
Long Beach, CA

Tribe virgin
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lisa Grace
a.k.a. Johnny Depp, and lifetime member of the No Bunny Left Behind patrol
Chandler, AZ

GidgetJeffGidget & Jeff
Wild woman & Audio Visual Guru
Colfax, CA

Deep in the center of my being is an infinite well of love for myself, for my art and everyone who blesses my life.  This love has opened the floodgates of my creativity, moving me to people, places and experiences that have enabled me to grow as a visual artist, but most importantly as a person.
New York, NY

Bordello Entertainer, Mama, Lover of Life
Vancouver, BC

JeannieBTommyB Jeannie & Tommy
Camp Bartenderess
Bloomington, INJojo_tn
Phoenix, AZ

Jackie FJackie F
Phoenix, AZ

Jed and Madisun Avenue
Jed is a Fire performer, Leather garment maker and Magician
Madisun is cute snugly bundle of sunshine.  She is also a professional burlesque and belly dancer
Renton, WA

Jannik Aize Thomsen Zsolti Jannik, Aize, Thomsen, & Zsolti
Burning Man Fashion [fa’shun] Police Department (BMFPD)
Aarhus, Denmark

Somewhere in, IN

TommyB Jason
Professional Nomad
Los Angeles, CA

Jim D (a.k.a. Popeye)
Colfax, CA

Johanna S (aka JJO)
Journalist, entrepreneur and junk-collector
Göteborg, Sweden

Laurent and JindraJindra and Laurent
Vancouver, BC

JohnW II and Joan
Danger Clubber, EL Sequencer wizzard
Mountain View, CA

Jon Moga
Seattle, WA
Need photos
Jonathan S
Laser Virgin 🙂
Washington, DC
Laser Virgin 🙂
Santa Cruz, CA

Justine and MadisonJustine  Not Camping with Tribe
Miss Mary Jane
Somewhere in, CO

Camp counselor
Medford, OR

Lake Elsinore, CA

A a quirky classical musician who shed her ankle chains to a practice room and her clothes to run around the US creating art as a professional art nude model

Naughty Nurse, Chief Sinner
Sacramento, CA

Kilted Jim
Long-haired, kilt-wearing, tree-hugging, dirt-worshiping, Harley-riding, militant Pagan and U.S. Marine
Mohave Desert, CA

Kevin R
Mystery man
Portland, OR

All around nice guy
Colfax, CA

Tries to stay beyond the realm of the invisible.
Zurich, Switzerland

Virgin 🙂
Glendale, AZ

Need Photo Larry E
Sir Anus Of The Playa
Antioch, CA

Lena R
Multilingual adventurer with a love for mother nature

Need Photo Lina B
Stockholm, Sweden

Need Photo Lenka
Wine ponser, illuminator, budding Master of the Universe
London, Solar system

Babysitter for Thor and Bear
Somewhere in FL

former virgin
Medford, OR

Larry S
(a.k.a. Lazarus)
Tribe agitator; without an agitator the clothes never get clean!
Houston, TX

Larry H
The other Larry H
Colfax, CA

Rabble-rouser, Wisewoman, and Girl Scout gone bad
San Francisco, CA

Former Amphibian, Ecstatic Earthling, Deva Dancer, Princess of Passion, Magnificent Maker of Marvelous Mistakes, and Loud, Lusty Lover of Life!!!
Woodstock, IL
Unusual Sicilian,everydayTraveller, greedily curious of life, enthusiastic soul&mind explorer, English speaking aspirant – but happily willing to talk by gestures!!!
Catania, Italy

Mesa, AZMark P
Las Vegas, NV

Marc C
Tribe Photo Journalist
Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Party MartyParty Marty
Professional Party Maniac
Somewher in Florida

Mitch M
Phoenix, AZ

Need PhotoNeed PhotoMillen & Mathilda
Stockholm, Sweden

Misha Misha
Festival and dance addict, BM virgin
Current city London, UK and hometown is Prague (CZ)

Crazy Biker Dudem ZiggerNOTter
Colfax, CA

Moonsinger  & OtterRuss
Head Tribe witch, Gourmet Goddess, Tribal Accountant & Russ is the only person who can carry a tune!
Citrus Heights, CA

He cleans up good but is a primate at heart
Lost Angeles, CA

Reno, NV

former virgin
Medford, OR

Nikki SinClear
Gogo dancer
Colfax, CA

Glitter Grrrl
Portland, OR


Freakishly Tall Mimosa Maker
Seattle, WA

Ola W
Yes we all love meatballs in Sweden 🙂
Gothenburg, Sweden

Peter A
WHAT is space?
Uppsala, Sweden

Peter Weiss
Builder of human powered flying machines, and a BM Virgin
Exalt y illegitimus non carborundum est.
New York, NY

Portia and JPJPortia and Just Plain John
Phoenix, AZ

Sunshine on a rainy day
Boston, MA

Mike Nawlin’s Mike
Dr Blinkenstein is a musician/engineer/photographer
New Orleans, LA

Peter LPeter L
Witty one-liner TBD
Laguna Beach, CA

Construction Consultant, Engineer, Problem Solver
Sacramento, CA

Sand faerie
upstate NY

Seeker (mostly), Finder (hardly), Traveller (not nearly enough), BM
virgin (just this one time)
Zurich, Switzerland

BM VIrgins
Vancouver, BC

Sebastian and MaikeDues Paid Dues Paid Not Camping with Tribe
Artists and Photographers
NYC, and Germany

Spamala  and Kurt  (a.k.a. Felix)
Portland, OR

Steve Steve Steve & Mai
Marvelous Marvin the Martian and the most impeccably coiffed person on the playa!
Portland, OR

(a.k.a. ThunderMama, TallladywithSpark, She with the Copper Breastplate)
Ice Queen. Cap Mom, Muse
Truckee Meadows, NV

Need PhotoStew and Court
Somewhere in Australia

Plays a mean HammerDulcimer
Seattle, WA

Sanna L
aka Happy Cat – and she’s a “Yes Man”
Karlstad, Sweden

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hacker, adventurer, human
New York, NY

Shana Stephen Shana & Stephen
Super Sangria makers
San Diego, CA

Stephanie H
Just when you think I’m telling it like I see it, I’m sugar coating it for you
Somewhere in CA

Ted A
A BM Virgin on his first adventure out of Europe

a.k.a. Ziesta – A traveller and wanna-be writer/photographer (a happy amateur), and a playa virgin
Göteborg, Sweden

Tim B
The wizard (of many things)
Santa Clara, CA
Mad Scientists

Thomas C
Easygoing Cookie Maker
Gothenburg, Sweden

King DanThe King of Toe
Ask him about it….
Phoenix, AZ

*Crafty Holographic Rainbow Unicorn Girl*
Mesa, AZ

Need photos Walker
Virgin 🙂
Burlington, VT

Wictor and JohannaH
BM Virgins 🙂
Stockholm, Sweden

Lover. curious kitten. first-timer.)
New York, NY

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