Pay Dues

Each year the TriBe grows ever larger, and our infrastructure gets a little “smaller” with our growing family of questionably sane misfits. Every dime (we “chuck” the pennies;) of our dues will go back out for things like shade structure upkeep/expansion, kitchen materials, camp theme decor, storage fees, trucking, porta potty and the most important liquor, assorted libations and enough cash to buy ice on the playa!

This is why our dues are so important and why they are “tiered” with the most highest being paid when you GET to Burning Man. The reason for this is, the earlier in the year we have the money in the TriBal coffers, the better we are able to plan our budget and where the money should go back out to. If we haven’t received a good portion of the dues until we get to BRC, then a lot of improvements and theme art is just not possible. But, WHENEVER you get your dues in, we do appreciate your continued participation in our ever growing family of The TriBe.

Please pay dues according to the following dates paid:
Prior To July 1st – $50
Prior To August 1st – $75
August 1th onwards – $100

Note: The TriBe will do everything we possibly can to ensure that ALL of our family is able to make it back to Burning Man. If for whatever reason you are not able to pay all of your dues, do NOT pay them here. Please send a check for whatever amount you are able to afford via U.S. Mail, along with a short note explaining the circumstances. We will gladly and discreetly accept whatever you decide to pay. Please use this option responsibly and ONLY if absolutely necessary. This option cannot be used more than once in a three year period. If finances are still tight next year, it may be time to consider if Burning Man might be outside of your budget for the year.

As soon as your dues are paid here or by mail, check the members page a couple of days later to make sure you’ve been added to our “BIG GREEN CHECKMARK” Paid list. 😀

NOTE: The Tribe is not collecting dues just yet for 2014.
Please check back after the new year.  Thanks!