Polycamperous (n): To be associated with more than one camp

Over the years we have Tribe members who have formed camps of their own.  However the Tribe is like Hotel California, so they can never really leave.  We also include on this page our dear friends who have left for the big burn in the sky.

Here are some of our polycamperous campmates:


Swedish digital sculptor
Shanghai, China

Bare CharlyBare & Charly   (Arctica)
Bare is a tattooed Tribal Domme w/’tude, Flambe’ Goddess!,
Ice Double Agent in charge, and Charly is a Roadie Extraordinaire, Ice Double Agent
Manteca, CA

ChadChadd   (Boogaloo)
Photographer and “Artsie f#$%” (per JimB)
Los Angeles, CA
Dirty Beetles

Need photosCyndi
Reno, NV

DylanDylan Dues Paid
Atheist/hedonist, and woman worshipper with MacGyver-like skills.
Victoria, BC

(a.k.a. The Penguin)
Chef-in-residence, Ice Agent
Manteca, CA

David W
Santa Fe, NM

(a.k.a. Geo, Otter, Photographer extrordinaire BM03 and BM05
Central CA

Gonzo GumeroGonzo Gumero
Gonzo Gumero is a black hole of a party. Bearded and dressed in overrall sucked flies and other wanna bees unconsciously to Gonzos nightly seances. Gonzo loves Gumero forms. Organic forms. Gonzo would like to bring to life city square and organized industrial structures. Gonzo opens up doors to the rooms and scenes. In a dark cave, beaver (entrance in water), place Gonzo out thumbnails of people who meet and are living in organically formed house. These hands want to sculpt a world together.
Stockholm, Sweden

HugoHugo L
A positive, enthusiastic entrepreneur that is probably to much of a yes-man for my own good.
Visby, Sweden

Euphoria, madness and lust for life..
Stockholm, Sweden

Mild-mannered cartoonist and visionary dreamer with hidden superpowers
Stockholm, Sweden

At a first impression I would be your typical blond Swede, however, there is more to that and I will always make others smile with a lot of enthusiasm, curiosity and musical joy.
Stockholm, Sweden

Cyber-collaborating, cat-cuddling, chocolate-chewing copywriter
Malmö, Sweden

Chief Evilutionist, joannabullock.net
Vancouver, BC

JonPernilla Jon & Pernilla
West Swedens biggest optimist that this years bring worlds largest keyboard to the Playa
Göteborg, Sweden

Johan WJohan W
Göteborg, Sweden

JohannaKJohanna K (aka Josie)
Loud-brained & loud-mouthed follower of the white rabbit, looking to transform from burnout-puppy to burner-happy
Stockholm, Sweden

Need PhotoJohanna W
Stockholm, Sweden

GustafGustafGustaf & Lisa
Gothenburg, Sweden

Jessica and JohnJess & John (Boogaloo)
Winged dark angels
San Jose, CA
Dirty Beetles

John DyerJohn Dyer
(a.k.a.Jack SparX)
KRAP Radio Director and Tesla coil builder,
Sacramento, CA

JerryH  Not Camping with Tribe
Palm Springs,  CA

Yep, that’s me 8)
Gothenburg, Sweden

Need PhotoMartin E 
Stockholm, Sweden

MartinMartin J
Wonky entrepreneur with a caring gaze
Göteborg, Sweden

Just loves life!
Falun, Sweden

NannetteNannette Scott
Terra Momma
Sacramento, CA

Snoozing dreamer.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Chief instigator to the Danger Club
Bay Area, CA
Mad Scientists

Former careerist metalhead turned entrepreneurial salsa dancing hippie (and BM virgin)
Stockholm, Sweden

Costume Goddess
Seattle, WA

Sayfty and JenSayfty & Jen
SayftyGirl – Kristen’s Album
Vangroovy, BC

SirenIanSiren and Ian (Boogaloo)
Tiki Bitch.and camp cleanup queen Siren’s Album and Siren’s Youtube channel
Los Angeles, CA
Dirty Beetles

Sparkle & JaimeSparkle & Jaime Dues Paid Dues Paid
Decor chick who enjoys a playa sunrise and her dear hubby. Inventors of the every so popular Playa Daybed
Vancouver, BC

Tim V (a.k.a. T.J.)
Danger Clubber/Mad Scientist/High Priest of Omphaloskepsis
2003 Images
Sunnyvale, CA
Mad Scientists

Artist, photographer, antique dealer
Stockholm, Sweden

Gone but not forgotten:

We lost a dear friend on July 8th, 2007. SuperDave was out riding his lovingly restored BMW-R90 when he met with a fatal accident. Those of us who know him know that this was the way he would want to have gone. He lived his life to the fullest, never let his health slow him down, and died doing what he loved to do.

In 2006 he came to the burn with a partially collapsed lung 🙂 and we all brought him a variety of masks and filters.  Rogue – our other demon rider – was a few months preggers with her son Ryder, so they both had to pay extra care to filter the air they breathed.   Dave’s  outfit for burn night was both spectacular and practical. Dave opted to stand guard over our camp instead of going out to watch the burn. He was, and remains, a prince among mortals.

I found out about his passing when Dave’s son logged into Dave’s email and sent me a note letting me know all that had transpired.  We got chatting and he explained that his only knowledge of Burning Man came from watching the “Malcolm in the Middle” episode when the family went to BM!  He shared with me that their entire family was very concerned that their Dad was getting involved with us “drug crazed sex fiends” – and it took some convincing on my part to let them know that some of us don’t do drugs 😉

Here are a few photos of Dave:

http://www.burningtribe.com/gallery/Ruvi07/00570016_G (the commemorate button made by Marvin the Martian)

Rest in Peace SuperDave
19?? – July 08, 2007

– Rev Ruvi

We love you and will miss you…1945 – 2004


Press Pass

The crusty curmudgeon is off the big burn in the sky.  JarJar camped with us one time and shared his bar fridge with us the next year.  Due to ill-health he had to miss the burn for a couple of year prior to his passing.  RIP.

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