City Lights 2011

LED solar powered street lamp of a waitress

In 2010,the City Lights project brought illuminated art to the dark, back streets of Burning Man.   Now I want to return those lights to the city and enroll more people into the creative side of the project.   An expansion for the project will be an On-Playa studio for people to create illuminated sculptures for themselves or to create flags or banners to mark their camps

BRC installs utilitarian sign posts throughout the city.  These are useful in navigating the city by day.  At night, these sign posts are a hazard for being unlit.    By installing unique solar-powered light sculptures on the sign posts, City Lights will make them distinctive artistic landmarks and will illuminate them during the night. The result will offer an enriched experience for citizens of Black Rock City and provide night time wayfaring on the playa.

This will also allow people who cannot attend this year to participate.  Former burners and armchair burners can now be a part of the burn without going to the desert.

On-playa we will open a Light, Banner & Flag workshop.   BRC Citizens’ can come by to create a City Light for their camp or for installation in the city.   Or they can make flags and banners for marking their camps.    All basic materials will be provided for the citizens work.   Artistic assistance and supervision will be available.

Examples of 2010 Light Sculptures can be found at

2010 Installed City Lights

If you are interested in participating, please send me email and include a phone number and mailing address so that I can send you a set of solar powered light.   All of your donations will go to the project.

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