Luminous Rites of Passage

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Seven  assemblages will be stacks of multiple shaped illuminated objects.   Each assemblage will relate to a particular Rite of Passage.  Birth, Death, Love, Learning, Growth, Achievement and Service.    Each assemblage will be an unique sculpture lining the passage way to center camp.

Each assemblage will consist of 4 to 8 illuminated shapes.   Only one of the shapes will be mounted on the playa.   This base unit will contain a small Tesla coil.   Power for this coil will be provide by BRC.   The remaining shapes will only contain a fluorescent tube.  A translucent skin will encase each tube.  Images and text will be adhered to this skin.

The Tesla coil will cause the fluorescent tubes to glow by induction.  The small Tesla coil will have a range of 3 meters.   These shapes could be spread around or moved away from the base and yet would still illuminate.    No electrical wire will be visible and all but the shape containing the tesla coil will be completely free of electrical wiring.    A thin safety cable will tether the shapes to the base shape.  This will keep the playa winds from blowing them too far away and prevent participates from intermingling the concept shapes.

A Non-illuminated examples of the Asseblages are shown below.

Individual Rites of Passage

birth pic Birth [ Tori Gate ] One’s entry in to life.  The entry of friends and loved ones.

Discovery ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized







If you would like to help with this project you can donate below or email me for volunteering options, glla at juno dot com

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