City of Lights 2010 – 2013

Sample City LightThe City of Lights Project brought illuminated art to the dark streets of Black Rock City in 2010, 2011, and 2012 will return with even more lights in 2012.

Black Rock City has over 200 utilitarian street signs to identify the roads and pedestrian
walkways. The street signs are useful in navigating the city by day, but at night these sign posts are a hazard for being unlit, especially in a white-out dust storm when you are lost.

Installing the lightsInstalling unique solar-powered light art sculptures on the sign posts, the City of Lights creates distinctive artistic landmarks in the day, and illuminated signs during the night. City of Lights is both impressive and functional as the street signs in the darker corners of the city are much easier to read, as well creates creative meeting places for the Black Rock City citizens.¬† Read more…

How to Participate:
City of Lights Project installs solarpowered light sculptures on street signs around BRC by US and international artists. City of Lights Project allows people who can not attend Burning Man in person to participate in the festival.

ParticipateThe City of Lights team provides artists with a basic solar light fixture and metal stand to attach to the street sign. Individual artists created their light sculptures with their own materials with the following requirements: materials must be mostly recycled or repurposed, resilient to physical abuse by wind and man, and not create MOOP (matter out of place).

The solar artwork will be attached to the existing street corner signs by the installation crew. This same crew will remove the lights at the
end of the event.

For more information see:

If you are interested in participating, please send Gary email and include a phone number and mailing address so that I can send you a set of solar powered light. All of your donations will go to the project. If you wish to participate, please email shady @

And/or Donate to help cover the cost of the Solar light kits.

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