Lit Shitters

Burning_Man_2005_defender_portopotty“Lit Shitters” will be a solar powered LED lighting system with an auto off function so the batteries charge all day and put out sufficient light to keep users from having to employ the “Braille Method” of knowing if anyone before you peed on the seat or left you with any paper! The main reason I chose this project is the two different designs of porta potties out there: One has the urinal just to the left of the main dumping pot and the other design has it in the left corner with a pipe that runs into the tank. Any male darkwads using the john has NO idea WHERE the urinal is located so the “piss and listen” technique is the only choice when in total darkness. While a single superbright LED is not going to allow the user to read anything inside, it will be sufficient to see if you’ve got paper before you sit down. These solar units are reusable so they can be brought back to the playa year after year.”

BeeRadIf you would like to help me with the purchase of the lights, bungee to mount them, etc. please send me a donation. Any amount would help… $10, $20,$30… etc.  Please donate via my PayPal account using the “Donate” link below:

Thanks!  – BeeRad


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