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Click Here!I highly recommend that you use this Google Sheet version of my

Burning Man Packing List (editable)

because you can make a copy for yourself, customize, and then check it once when you "stage" the item, and check it off when you "pack" it into your vehicle. Or print and check off with a pencil



Below is the HTML version. Old skool

Trip / Flight / Driving Stuff:

Camp/Sleep Stuff

Food & Drink Stuff
(ALWAYS try and end up with trash that can be burned in burn barrels - or trash that will compress well)

Toilet, Shower, and Personal Stuff

Clothing and Costume Stuff
(No feather boas or things that will break off like big loose sequins - we have to pick up all those teeny little things)

Dust Masks
(Choose based on your sensitivity to dust. Costs vary greatly)

Entertainment & Misc Stuff Clean-Up Stuff

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