The Tribe is an eclectic group that fits no known demographic. We cannot even name our Tribe as no one name would fit without excluding someone that does not fit that description. After all, mankind is ALL one TriBe – JimBowers

Burning Man 2014

Sadly – the Tribe as a group will not be representing at Burning Man 2014.  Many of us will still be on Playa – mostly camping around 4/5 and A/B.  Check in on the Tribe FB and let us know where you will be camping

City Lights 2013

The City of Lights Project brought was started by members of the Tribe and has grown into its own ongoing project.  With the City Lights, we have installed hundreds of solar powered illuminated art pieces on the dark streets of Black Rock City since  2010.  City Lights will return with even more lights in 2013.  For more information visit:


PortaPottyLit Shitters

“Lit Shitters” will be a solar powered LED lighting system with an auto off function so the batteries charge all day and put out sufficient light to keep users from having to employ the “braille” of knowing if anyone before you peed on the seat or left you with any paper! Read more…

The Clock Makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records!

Clock at night by Jason Phipps

The Clock at Night – by Jason Phipps

In 2011, artist Jim Bowers, The Tribe and a team of laser researchers and artists from around the world created the 1MileClock Project (“Burning Time”). In 2012, it OFFICIALLY was listed into the Guinness Book of World Records! Read more…