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Burning Man Packing List

because you can make a copy for yourself, customize, and then Check when you "stage" the item, and check it off when you "pack" it into your vehicle. Or print and check off with a pencil



Below is the HTML version. Old skool

Trip / Flight / Driving Stuff:

Camp/Sleep Stuff

Food & Drink Stuff
(ALWAYS try and end up with trash that can be burned in burn barrels - or trash that will compress well)

Toilet, Shower, and Personal Stuff

Clothing and Costume Stuff
(No feather boas or things that will break off like big loose sequins - we have to pick up all those teeny little things)

Dust Masks
(Choose based on your sensitivity to dust. Costs vary greatly)

Entertainment & Misc Stuff Clean-Up Stuff Websites

Also see:

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